Team INFINIT Performance

JR Linden your a IRONMAN!

First time completing at the 140.6 distance and I was ready to go! Had a great training build and body was in really great shape heading into the race! Had no expectations but to finish with a smile and healthy. Had a great race overall and signed up for the race again next year!

We arrived in Lake Placid on Thursday afternoon and went for a quick dip in mirror lake to shake the body out from traveling.  Friday we did some sight seeing and relaxed.  Saturday was bike check in day so we went for a quick little spin and checked our bikes and relaxed the rest of the day.

Race Day!

Our day started at 4am and we were out the door by 4:45am! You could feel the excitement in the air as we walked over to transition to get our items ready for the day ahead! We headed to the swim start and at 6:35am I was off and having one of the best swims of my life! I exited the water in 1 hour 14mins! I ran down to transition with one big smile on my face! Although I lost a few minutes in transition as I grabbed the wrtong bike bag then I headed out for my 112 mile ride! It was already warming up so I knew I had to stay on top of hydration! First lap of the bike was speedy, maybe too speedy as the second loop I began to notice some dehydration issues going on. The second loop also featured some wonderful headwinds! I finished the bike in 6 hours 45 mins, a little slower than I hoped for but I was still happy! On to the run! As I headed out of transition I quickly learned I was in trouble! Completely dehydrated! Time to adjust my run plans! Having experienced this once before I knew running a full blown marathon wasn’t going to happen. I spent the first half of the run trying to rehydrate my body or at least stabilize it so I could finish! My run quickly turned into a run/walk. I think I got every porta potty along the way! In the end I had a 6 hour 12 min marathon!

A grand total time of 14 hours and 48 mins!

“Jr Linden, you are a Ironman!” are words I never thought I would ever hear! I learned quickly on in the race that even though triathlons are an individual sport, they are also very much a team effort! From the volunteers, to the locals, to fellow triathletes we become one team with the same goal, to cross that finish line! The teamwork, encouragement and love that I witnessed on that course yesterday was like nothing else I experienced!

Triathlons,for me, are a way to push my mind, body and soul to do things that may not seem possible. To see how far you can push before you break!

I now have 6 days to recover before I tackle Ironman Maine 70.3 on Sunday, 7/31! 


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