Team INFINIT Performance

Getting Lost on the Swim and Found on the Bike

I have a certain talent, and it is getting lost. I've gotten lost in the car, on a bike and now twice in the open water. First off, this even t is great. Big event feel with a lot of freindsly aprticiapnts and the best volunteers I have seen in years. Sun Multisport puts on high quality events!

The Aquabike category SOLD OUT. Whaaaat? You heard that correctly. In fact, there were SO MANY people int he aquabike that they actaully created two age categories: old ladies and youngins. I have never been in an aquabike that has had age groups, so I was excited and honestly, intimidated. Can we talk about being intimidated. . .Everytime I rack my 2011 bike next to 10k uberbikes, I feel silly. Out of place, Like I don't belong. I get defeated before the event ever starts. Sigh.

Aquabike is in the last wave--always--they must think that becasue we can't run that we are slow, but mostly, we are just unable to run! Off we go and I'm counting buoys--there are four, then the turn buoy. One comes up fast, then two, three is further out and four is invisiable. . .where is four? Oh there is is. There postioned the first two buoys close to each other, then it was a far reach to four, and even further to the turn. This out and back course meant that after hitting the turn buoy to go back to shore. . .you had nothing to really site off of. I didn't really make the full turn and wandered a bit off course--so far that the speedboat was on its way to get me. OH! HI! Here I go! I headed back to shore thinking that this swim would never end. . .

Onto the bike and in my happy place. the 2011 Specialized Transition is a good bike on a windy day, and while my legs felt heavy and my watts looked low, the speed stayed high. Carrying speed on the downs and turns and staying in the bars as much as possible meant I maintained over 21 mph for the half distance and won the old lady aquabike division and was third overall. 

A fine day, and one I need to remeber next time I get intimidated. 






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