Team INFINIT Performance

Racing off Fitness

Coming off a big training block, I knew this was a race that I would have to manage my paces. Quads were tired but my focus for this was was transitions, the swim and having fun.

Being out in Lake Placid the weekend before for a big training block, not sure what was in the tank but wanted to go and have some fund racing a beatiful course!  We arrived and set up our tranisiton and did a 1/2 mile warm up jog, from there we headed to the water to for a quick warm up swim.  Water was around 70 degrees and calm.  We started in waves and with 6 racers at a time.  I entered the water and felt calm and smooth.  Had some sighting issues but workded through them.  Came out of the water felling great.  Had a average pace of 1:39 a few seconds PR over last years average! On to the bike.  Usually it takes my legs a few miles to wake up but today my legs never felt great.  I struggled to maintain power and my fatigue was still hanging on from the weekend before.  I pushed the bike where I could and took my breaks where needed.  Finished the bike with a average of 20.6 mpph slightly faster then last year .  From there it wsa on to the run Run felt ok but as the run went on legs felt better.  I did not push the run pace as I knew my legs were tired and I did not want to get injured.  Finsihed the run with a average pace of 8:44, 1 second slower then last year. 


Overall I was pleased with my performance.  Love this race and course.  It will definately be on my race schedule for years to come! 

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