Team INFINIT Performance

Uphill Battle

After 3 days of hard training in Lake Placid, why not go climb a mountain. Legs had nothing left and almost gave up around mile 3, but fought on with the help of my teammates.

Lake Placid training camp began for me on Thursday with a run and a swim, Friday we had a full bike on course and a run, Saturday morning kicked off with a long run.  Then we biked over to the start of the mountain climb.  I knew this would be tough, and I wasnt sure what was left in the legs.  Whiteface hill climb is a 8 mile ride all up hill at a average of 8% grade.  By mile 3 I was ready to pull the plug.  I decided to see if I could tackle it and focusing on every 1/4 mile.  By mile 5 with no breaks in the climbing I decided to call my teamamtes waiting at the top to let them know I was dropping out.  After a few words from them it was time to fight on!   I dug deep and pushed on.  It wasnt pretty but in the end I did finish the course!

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