Team INFINIT Performance

Cedar Hill Sprint

It was a challenging sprint distance triathlon. Windy, hilly and hot nonetheless I had fun with it. Won the grandmasters division and 9th overall.

Well today’s race was about getting the job done. Because there were two transition areas, My wife Maria and I decided it was best if she waited for me at T2 instead of coming with me to the swim start on the shuttle bus. Maria decided to help out at T2 and volunteered for several hours until I was through the finish line. The race had a delayed start of about an hour. When we got on the swim it was so windy and choppy that one of the turn buoys drifted away and I had to turn before getting to it as one of the volunteers on a jet ski directed a number of us. I ended up swimming about 1,535 yards instead of 750 meters. Anyway, the bike went on fine albeit windy and hilly so it wasn’t a walk in the park. Finally, the run was good although my Garmin recorded it somewhat shorter than 3.1 miles. In the end, I ended up 9th overall and 1st as the top male grandmaster. Thanks to all the volunteers and spectators as no race can happen without them.




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