Team INFINIT Performance


Weedy, foggy swim. HUGE climb on the bike. 10k PR on the run!

Raced a local olympic triathlon this morning. It was my first olympic distance race in a number of years. I usually race 70.3. I had a PR (which isn't saying much as it was only my second at that distance). The swim went about as expected. Struggled with goggle fog and very thick weeds in some spots. Any advice on preventing goggles from fogging up would be greatly appreciated! Got out on the bike with the goal of holding 200 watts, a strong but under control effort for me. Held my pace pretty well throughout. The "highlight" of the ride was an about 1 mile climb at 9.3%. It was no joke. Greg LeMond used to train on that climb. The rest of the ride was uneventful. My run way exceeded expectations. Was hoping to run sub 8:00/mile pace and instead ran a 10k PR at 7:20/mile! Very happy overall with the race and hoping this is a good omen for Steelhead in two weeks.

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