Team INFINIT Performance

Muncie 70.3

I had a target time of 5:45... same as my finish time. Hit a few snags but pulled it through.

 As usual, Muncie 70.3 was a hot race (high of 92). They do a rolling start, so I seeded myself to finish with about a 40 minute swim time. I drifted a bit too far to the side (twice) and added a bit of distance, but still finished just over my target time. Out on the bike, my first problem was that my power meter was DOA. Turns out there's a known issue with the Vector 3 pedals dropping out. Guess I need to work on that. Then my computer died - forgot to charge it. I've been helping some people in my tri club who were attempting their first 70.3, so I let some things slip. No speed, no power... no problem, I'll go by feel. Ten or fifteen miles in, I felt pain. In my hamstrings. Looked down, and the bolt holding my saddle in place has apparently stripped out. The seat had dropped more than two inches. I had to stop and make repairs, which cost me more time. In the end, my average moving speed was 21 mph, and considering I was going easy on it, I'm pretty happy with that. My first mile on the run was 8:10. I knew I needed to slow down, because the entire run course is rolling hills, and the heat was a major factor. I reached the turnaround on the one loop out and back course in less than an hour, but it took 10+ additional minutes to get back to the finish line. Still, a good day for me, as I was treating it as a training effort for IMLOU this year. Finishing in the top 25% at an Ironman event isn't too bad, either. I think I see a tweak I need on my Infinit formula for my bike, but otherwise it carried me through.

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