Team INFINIT Performance

Hannah Meyer

San Juan Capistrano, California |

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceOcean's 7 Series
Post-Race DrinkInfinit Custom Blend
Off-Day ActivityDog beach

I am a 33-year-old marathon swimmer, originally from Chicago, Illinois. I relocated to California for work this past December. I've been a swimmer my whole life. I swam D1 in college at Seton Hall University on a full athletic scholarship. After college, I took a short break from the sport. After a car accident that almost took my life, I used swimming as rehabilitation. I have artificial discs in my neck where mine was damaged. I also qualify for a lumbar spine surgery that I declined as the chances of recovery versus the chances of full paralyzation were not ideal. I live and train in pain every day. I lose feeling in my arms and legs frequently, but that doesn't stop me from swimming. I feel the most normal in the water as I am quite clumsy on land. I met Doug McConnell and was inspired by his marathon swimming to raise money for ALS research and started down my own journey. Similar to ALS patients I love feeling in my limbs, however I am still able to walk and, most importantly, I am still able to swim. I pledged to swim for those who can't and help raise money and awareness to find the cure. Last summer I swam the length of Lake Tahoe (21.3 miles) in addition to many local races. I also swim marathon distances off the record with my training partner almost every weekend. I've been coaching swimming for over 17 years and it's a passion of mine to help others. Marathon swimming gives me the best of both worlds and I feel blessed with my talent.