Team INFINIT Performance



Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship
Post-Race DrinkNone currently
Off-Day ActivityYoga

I've always enjoyed biking because i felt that was easier on the knees and joints compared to running. I did 2-3 MS 150, and though i didn't train as much as i should have the sport was always easy for me to pick up. Few years ago i used to be overweight at 230 lbs at 5'6. One day i said enough is enough and stopped making excuses and started to craft a plan. It started with proper diet and nutrition, then eventually i started to run. The idea of doing an ironman has always fascinated me because some middle aged guys in my fraternity accomplished this feat. So, i thought to myself if those old guys can do it why cant i. I finally decided to commit to learning how to swim, once my weight was down to 155 range. I finished my first ironman in the woodlands TX in April 2019. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the sport and what it embodies. I am also decided to become a USAT official referee as well.