Team INFINIT Performance

Jonathan Saxon

Westport, Connecticut |

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceLaugavegur 50m Ultra in Iceland
Post-Race Drinkvaries to what's available at the race
Off-Day Activitytennis,

I work as an international investment banker by day for Stifel Financial. I commuted to NYC for three hours a day, 5 days a week for the last 19 years. While doing this and raising a family, I began running for fitness on the weekends. I never thought I could run more than two miles. One day, I took a treadmill class (like a spin class but on treadmills) and the coach happened to be a triathlon coach. He told me I needed to stop landing on my heels and instead, land midfoot. This was ten years ago. Since then, I have completed the NY Marathon 2017 (3:48), I run in my local Westport town summer series races which are legendary. They run from July 4th to Labor Day every year and are super competitive. My best mile split is 6minutes. My favorite running race distance is a half marathon. My favorite running distance for fun is 10 miles. My cousin, Jeff Gordin, and his girlfriend Jamie So are serious triathletes and have gotten me into the sport. I biked 30m on Saturday, ran 6m on Sunday and Wednesday, and am meeting my new tri friends in full wetsuits at the beach today for a 230pm 1 mile swim. I plan to complete a virtual Olympic triathlon in July with the goal of joining Jeff and Jamie for the CT Ironman 70.3 next May. Jeff got me into Infinit, which has been terrific. I have never cramped on 50 mile bike rides or runs in 85 degree heat and high humidity.