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Past Races

05/23/2021 Toughman Ohio 70.3

Tyler Woitkowski

Strongsville, Ohio |

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman Switzerland
Post-Race DrinkHydrate
Off-Day ActivityYoga

I have always been an athlete and driven by athletic performance. I played baseball for 14 years and after college was struggling to find a way to get back into competitive athletics. My time playing baseball took a toll on my body, specifically the knees being a catcher, and so finding a new sport to compete in proved somewhat difficult. In the summer of 2016, I randomly went on a long run with my brother-in-law and I realized I found my new calling. This run was only about 5 miles but it gave me the endorphins that I was yearning for from my baseball days. I felt to accomplished after the workout and was quickly addicted. I progressed fast and completed my first half marathon only 3 months later and completed more half marathons and improved my pace each time. In 2018, I went for bigger goals and completed a full marathon. My brother-in-law provided even more inspiration and challenged me to sign-up for a half Ironman. After seeing him race a full Ironman in Mont-Tremblant in the fall of 2018, I knew I had to experience this race. I signed up for Ironman Canada 70.3 in the winter (held July 2019) with a long way to go. I didn't have a road bike nor had I swam in a pool. The road to this Ironman was the best experience and learning how to swim was a great life lesson. Triathlon has truly changed my life and inspired me to continue to reach for bigger and bigger goals and push myself further than I thought was possible. I now have a young daughter (born in September 2019) who inspires me to be my best self every day. I cannot wait to share with her how I got to where I am now and instill in her some of the great life lessons that the sport of triathlon has given me.