Team INFINIT Performance

Anthony Melton

Sugar Land, Texas

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Open Water Swimming, Obstacle Racing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Other
Bucket List RaceIRONMAN World Championship, Boston Marathon
Post-Race DrinkCoke
Off-Day ActivityMountain biking with my two active boys

I started my fitness journey running local mud runs and all two major OCR. I kept pushing myself for something harder. Marathons and running for a cause, Leukemia and Lymphoma plus another cause for various reasons. I personally have raised over $70,000 combined via social media only for the cause. 10 marathons later including NYC last yr. I kept pushing myself for something harder. Triathlons, I didn't know how to swim. What's harder, IRONMAN!!! Even with no races, I am training non-stop. You can ask me to do a full IRONMAN this weekend and I could. It may not be pretty but, I can. Why? I AM FUEL by Infinit!!!
No more carrying 3-4 different products for fuel. I only carry a couple of bottles of Infinit and I am good to go. I don't have to worry about cramps, dehydration, hunger, or fatigue. Living in Texas with triple digits temp. I will randomly do a 70.3 as a workout. Again, no races and Infinit is my fuel.