Team INFINIT Performance

Past Races

08/01/2020 Maah Daah Hey 100
07/12/2020 Bulldog Rump Endurance
07/11/2020 Escape from Granague
07/04/2020 Everesting Challenge

Emrah Ayhan


Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceMaah Daah Hey 100
Post-Race DrinkInfinit Repair Complete Recovery - Chocolate
Off-Day ActivityMountain Biking or Yoga

I am a mathematics/physics teacher at Mountain Lakes High School in Mountain Lakes, NJ. I have a UCI professional license in XC mountain biking. I coach two NICA teams in NJ Chainstretcher and East Morris Rockies. I have three sons one at YALE running 400m, One Lehigh running 400m, and a sophomore at Blair Academy. They are all mountain bikers. We race during summer. I racer personally about 20-30 races a season.