Team INFINIT Performance

Past Races

07/17/2021 Holland 100
10/17/2020 Dirty 30 9th AG, 60th OA
09/12/2020 TSRA Triathlon
Race Recap
1st OA

Matthew Babbitt

Plainwell, Michigan

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship, Western States 100
Post-Race DrinkInfinit Cold Brew Protein Coffee

I have always been drawn to challenges that require the right combination of faith, trust, and pixy dust. Faith in a dream or goal, trust that the hours spent training will actually yield fruit on race day, and pixy dust in that all of the pieces come together to make magic happen. This pursuit has helped me as a runner and triathlete on the roads and trails achieve so many goals, and still marvel at the next adventure that awaits...and the one after that. More personally, it helped me find my amazing wife and appreciate the magic in the eyes and hearts of my three children. I certainly respect challenges and have been humbled in races many times, but that spark and the promise of high fives from smiling faces always makes me feel like I can still fly!