Team INFINIT Performance

Past Races

01/04/2020 Laketown Distance Festival ( 10 mile )

Tim Lopez

new ORLEANS, Louisiana

Main FocusRoad Running
Bucket List Raceno one event....but something out of town...flat & fast
Post-Race Drinkusually a beer
Off-Day Activitygym or class workout or recovery

I am a runner. I had run for years just for the health and fitness aspect and after consistent runnkng for some 10-15 years and after pushing from friends, I signed up for my 1st official race. I jumped in full force and chose to run a Half Maratjon as my 1st race. that was 2013 and then in 2014 I did about 4 races, in 2015 it jumped to 8 which were some 5K, 10K and a couple Half's. In 2016 I went big with 24 races from 2 miles thru Half Maeathon and in 2017 it was 37 races. I decided to focus more on getting faster and to do quality over quantity race events in 2018 dropping to 26 races and in 2019 I am on track for roughly 25 if I finish as planned. In between running I do CrossFit, HIIT, Weight Trainkng along with Yoga & Pilates. Its hard to balance my love of running, races and workouts but I keep active and aiming to be better.