Team INFINIT Performance

Kristen Osborn

Kailua, Hawaii

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIMWC... second shot!
Post-Race DrinkCOFFEE!

I began my triathlon journey in 2006 when I met a charming young man, my now Husband, who was very interested in training and racing. We raced as weekend warriors for year until we registered for our first Half Ironman... then things got serious! We began following a training plan, a year later hired a coach, a year later I was certified as a USAT level I coach, then a year later I was certified as a level II USAT Coach :) Triathlon, bike racing, coaching, and mentoring are my passions and I am lucky enough to do all of these things with my husband of 13 years. I live in Hawaii, so I am able to train year round. With this, came an opportunity in the off season to create an encouraging ladies only ride. I love being a role model in my community and getting more ladies on bikes! I have been in the "Coach Ambassador" program since 2018 and I'm looking forward to joining the infinit Team as a more interactive way to share the products and company ideas.