Team INFINIT Performance

Upcoming Races

08/14/2022 Mackinac Island Swim - 8 miles
10/15/2022 Des Plaines River trail run

Past Races

11/15/2020 Miami Man
11/14/2020 Multisport National Championships
09/12/2020 ITU Worlds Festival- aquathlon
09/10/2020 ITU Worlds Festival

Kate Schnatterbeck

Glenview, Illinois |

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceWorlds with Team USA & 50 K trail run in October
Post-Race DrinkRepair vanilla

I'm lucky to be a tri coach and help others train and achieve their dreams and goals! It's so much fun to see what they accomplish and the friendships they build along the way with other teammates.
Me, I'm a Mom of two active teens, love coaching and figuring out the puzzle pieces of athletes training, love my / puppy dog who has become my new running buddy. Finding balance between family, friends, training and work is a must and is always changing.
I've done several Ironman and love the 1/2 aqua bike distance and trail runs. I was honored to be part of Team USA 1/2 aqua in Denmark 2018. I plan to race Miamiman in November in hopes to qualify for Team USA in aquathon and 1/2 aqua for worlds in 2020. I am not the fastest and given the opportunity to send time with those I love, training gets tweaked. There is more to life then racing and being on the podium. To be out there racing is a gift. As my hubby, said I am not letting my new diagnosis of dysautonomia define me....gonna keep toe that start line and love the journey!