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10/10/2020 2020 Tiburon Mile
08/12/2020 USMS LCM Nationals
08/05/2020 2020 Eurogames (Düsseldorf, Germany)
07/10/2020 Triangle Classic
06/18/2020 UANA Pan American Championships
05/15/2020 Meet on the Hill (MOTH)
02/08/2020 All OUT Toronto Invitational
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02/01/2020 Auburn Masters Invitational
Race Recap
01/18/2020 Olympic Club 1500
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Dana Greene

Apex, North Carolina

Main FocusMasters Swimming
Bucket List Race25km Border Buster, Lake Memphremagog
Post-Race DrinkINFINIT Cold Brew and INFINIT Strawberry Lemonade
Off-Day ActivityBiking, reading, cooking

I am a Ph.D. in sociology. I do research on social vulnerabilities to disasters. I swim daily with the TAC Titans Masters (a USMS team) in Cary, NC, and average between 3800-5000 yards per day. I am an avid competitor in all of the freestyle events, but I absolutely love the distance freestyle events. I also compete for the Nepean Masters in Ottawa, Canada in Canadian swim events, and may be representing Israel at the European Championships in Budapest. Hungary in May 2020 before representing the United States at Pan Americans in Medellin, Colombia. In addition to swimming international events, I compete annually at both USMS short and long course nationals, and at Canadian Nationals. I also swim for the USA Swimming team, TAC Titans at USA Swimming events..

In addition to work and swimming, I will bring an "added twist" to Team INFINIT. I have Crohn's disease that requires both medical and nutritional management. I am currently taking biologics (Humira), in addition to several other (non performance enhancing) medications to try to keep the disease under control. While swimming is truly the best medication for me, I have to be very careful with my diet. I eat a ton of oatmeal but rely only on INFINIT products to keep me going. I have multiple water bottles on deck with me every day. One has INFINIT Cold Brew (my favorite!), and the other has either INFINIT Strawberry Lemonade, Endurance, or Speed in it. My health presents major challenges, but using INFINIT products and striking the balance between medical management and sports has saved my life.